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Hartanzah Nino Electric Coffee Roaster


With Nino, you have the option to roast up to 350 gram at once or utilize it as a sample roaster. Whether you are a professional seeking a versatile sample roaster with additional capacity, or an amateur aiming to elevate your coffee experience, the Nino is a remarkably appealing choice.

Nino uses hot air technology to produce fewer defects during the coffee roasting process. With high convection during the process, Nino offers several benefits that contribute to the overall quality and consistency of the coffee roasting process. Some of the key advantages of Nino 350 coffee roasters include:

  • Even Roasting

    Nino 350 roasters use hot air circulation to evenly distribute heat throughout the coffee beans. This ensures that all the beans are roasted uniformly, resulting in a consistent and well-developed flavor profile.

  • Reduced Risk of Scorching

    With Nino 350 roasters, the beans are roasted through hot air rather than direct contact with a heating surface. This reduces the risk of scorching or uneven roasting, leading to a cleaner and more refined taste.

  • Precise Control

    Convection on Nino 350 roasters allow for better control over the roasting process. The temperature and airflow can be adjusted and monitored more precisely, giving the roaster greater control over the final roast profile.

Hartanzah Nino Electric Coffee Roasters

The even and controlled roasting process in Nino 350 roasters helps bring out the full flavor potential of the coffee beans. This results in a more balanced and nuanced cup of coffee with well-developed flavors

  • Consistency and Reproducibility

    With precise control and even roasting, Nino 350 coffee roasters offer a higher level of consistency and reproducibility in the final coffee product. This is essential for maintaining the quality and taste of the coffee across different batches.

  • Faster Roasting Times

    Nino 350 can often roast coffee beans faster than some other methods due to efficient heat transfer. This can be beneficial for commercial roasters looking to increase their production capacity.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Nino 350 more energy-efficient compared to other model. The use of hot air for roasting requires less energy, making it an eco-friendly option.

Nino Electric Coffee Roaster Dimension


A groundbreaking approach aimed at enhancing uniformity and expertise in coffee roasting. This cutting-edge technology transforms Nino 350 into an easy-to-use coffee roasting system, guaranteeing that every coffee achieves its maximum flavor potential, irrespective of the operator's skill level.

With its compact dimensions, the Nino 350 is the perfect choice for sample roasting without compromising on quality. Meticulously crafted using the finest materials, this roaster is built to withstand the rigors of commercial use, ensuring that it delivers exceptional results day in and day out.

  • electric coffee roaster dimension
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With the Hartanzah Coffee Roasting App, you can easily record the Roasting Log by connecting it to Nino or by manually recording the data.

This user-friendly app is equipped with a simple timer that accurately records the temperature of each roasting stage, including the Drying, Millard, First Crack, and Second Crack stages. Click here to find more detail about Hartanzah's App

  • electric coffee roaster with grinder


Experience the power of innovation! Nino's built-in coffee grinder is the game-changer you've been waiting for, elevating your coffee ritual by granting you the ability to grind freshly roasted beans effortlessly, all with the elegance and efficiency of a single machine.

  • agtron meter


Nino's Agtron Coffee Meter is a specialized device embedded in Nino that measures the color of roasted coffee beans. It provides a numerical value known as the Agtron score, indicating the degree of darkness or lightness of the coffee beans' surface color.

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electric fluid bed coffee roaster
electric coffee roaster


  • Automatic Roasting

  • Manual Roasting

  • Controlled via App

  • Fan speed control

  • Heater control

  • Simultaneous roasting and cooling process.

  • Wide bean view area.

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