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PUREFLOW 0515 afterburner coffee roaster
Productivity Afterburner


Hartanzah 5 into 15 Kg Afterburner Coffee and Cocoa Roasters


The Hartanzah PureFlow afterburners are tailor-made for coffee roasters, nut roasters, fish smokers, and wood-fired baking applications. With a range of models catering to different needs, they can effectively manage all major airborne waste streams. This versatility instills confidence in roasters regarding the performance and reliability of the Hartanzah PureFlow afterburner, enabling them to concentrate on enhancing their products' quality and fostering continued growth.

Discover the perfect balance of precision and performance with our Artisan PureFlows, crafted for artisans seeking exquisite flavors in roasts from 1KG to 6KG, while our Artisan XL PureFlows provide expanded capacity for masterful creations ranging from 5KG to 12KG. Elevate your roasting game with our versatile Standard PureFlows, available in both horizontal and vertical installations, ideal for roasts spanning 10KG to 25KG. For those with larger ambitions, our robust Large PureFlows deliver unparalleled capacity, handling roasts from 25KG to an impressive 120KG, ensuring every batch is a masterpiece of flavor and consistency.

coffee and cocoa roasters
 afterburner coffee roasters

PureFlow 0515 Dimension.

Experience seamless integration and optimized space utilization with the PureFlow afterburner, strategically positioned above the cyclone chaff collector exhaust, ensuring minimal footprint expansion.

Our comprehensive range of PureFlow afterburners caters to roasters of all scales and batch capacities, from quaint shop setups to expansive industrial roasting lines, delivering unparalleled efficiency and performance across the board.

afterburner coffee roaster dimension
PureFlow 0515 Dimension
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