35  kg coffee destoner
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  • 35  kg coffee destoner
Hartanzah 25Kg Coffee Destoner


Check your roasted beans by using HARTANZAH automated destoner. Effectively removes foreign objects and leave your coffee become a clean product containing 100% pure coffee and avoid damage to your equipment. Works on a gravity principle by using the density of the coffee beans to detect other foreign objects that might be found, such as metals and stones.

We equipped our HAD-35 Coffee Destoner with an integrated weighing system with an automatic discharge valve so you can find out exactly how much coffee is in the silo and you can easily dispense the coffee beans from the silo on demand according to the amount you want by pushing one button.

Hartanzah Coffee Destoner

35Kg Coffee Destoner Dimension


Improve the quality of your coffee with the help of our destoner. We believe that prevention is better than cure. By filtering stones and foreign objects out of your coffee, you prevent damage to your grinder. In addition, it increases the quality of your coffee beans and brings an extra safety check

Available in 10, 25, 35 and upto 140 KG capacities.

  • 35kg coffee destoner dimension


35  kg coffee destoner
35  kg coffee destoner
35  kg coffee destoner
35  kg coffee destoner
35  kg coffee destoner
35  kg coffee destoner

We Provide Quality & High Durability Roasters

35  kg coffee destoner
35  kg coffee destoner


  • Silo weighing system

  • On-Demand dispensed valve

  • Industrial High Pressure Centrifugal Fan

  • HMI touch screen monitor

  • Rugged 304 SS Construction

  • Variable speed suction control

  • Locking castor wheels

  • Blower speed control

  • Sight glass

  • Dust collector

"NEW" HARTANZAH Roasters Automatic Cyclone

35  kg coffee destoner
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