5 kg cocoa roaster
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  • 5 kg cocoa roaster
Hartanzah 5Kg Cocoa Roaster


State of the art 5kg commercial cocoa roaster. Built using the highest quality stainless steel, combined with other material make HSCR05 become heavy-duty build cocoa roaster.

Thermal and mechanism stability make the continuous cocoa roasting process much easier with consistent results. HSCR05 is a perfect choice for roasting of high-quality cocoa. HSCR05 cocoa roaster will help you to get total control of the taste and create your unique product consistently.

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5Kg Cocoa Roaster Dimension


Suitable for roasting cocoa at any kind of commercial scale with small batch roaster. These roaster also great for sample roasting in larger batches or identifying the right roast profile for a new cocoa.

5kg cocoa roaster is the backbone of the owner-operated roasting industry. You have enough capacity to really grow with a low enough capital outlay to be accessible to anyone with some savings and a passion for business.

  • 5 kg cocoa roaster dimension


5 kg cocoa roaster
5 kg cocoa roaster
5 kg cocoa roaster
5 kg cocoa roaster
5 kg cocoa roaster
5 kg cocoa roaster
  • 5 kg cocoa roaster


HSCR05 are heavy duty cocoa roaster, built with industrial quality, solid construction stainless steel plates. They are built to last. Our machines are also incomparably quiet.

Each machine has an inbuilt variable speed motor, allowing change in speed, thus creating a whisper quiet roaster. The thermal and mechanical stabiliser inside each roaster also allows for continuous production roasting, with ease and consistency

  • 5 kg cocoa roaster


Each of our roasters starts with a detailed and thorough design process, Hartanzah's engineer design every roasters for maximal durability with low maintenance required, so that they will shine in your roastery and café.

Great effort is given in the designing stage, and we want to invite you into that process. If you have ideas or concepts you wish to try for your own roaster, we will help you to create the custom roaster you desire for your café and roastery.

  • 5 kg cocoa roaster


With HARTANZAH logic control panel makes HSCR cocoa roaster series become very accurately automatic cocoa roaster. Just select background roasting profile that you want to duplicate and HSCR01 will roast your cocoa bean according selected roasting profile.

There are two options to operate HSCR cocoa roaster, by selecting the roasting mode to automatic or manual mode.

  • 5 kg cocoa roaster


To cooling of the roasted cocoa immidietly after cocoa bean being roasted is a very important factor to maintaining the taste and flavor of the nibs.

HARTANZAH utilizes a powerful blowing motor under the cooling bin that can cool the beans in under five minutes.

  • 5 kg cocoa roaster


We equip our roasters with HARTANZAH burner technology, this technology makes you easy to control the heat input allowing for your desired preference.

This system combined with airflow controls makes it easier to control conduction, convection and radiation during the roasting process.

We Provide Quality & High Durability Roasters

5 kg cocoa roaster
5 kg cocoa roaster


  • Two operating mode (automatic and manual)

  • Automatic cyclone

  • 10 inch touch screen monitor

  • Soft start and stop function

  • Safe unit shut down

  • Gas leak alarm

  • Flame failure alarm

  • Gas low pressure indicator

  • Adjustable electronic drum speeds controller.

  • Simultaneous roasting and cooling process.

  • Cast iron drum material.

  • Automatic roasting by following saved profile.

  • Proportional burner.

"NEW" HARTANZAH Roasters Automatic Cyclone

5 kg cocoa roaster
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