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We rely on quality and innovation to grow our business. Our vision is to become reliable coffee industries partner by creating sustainable value creation through a commitment to engineering innovation and reach highest quality standard, maintain highly ethical business practices and continuously developing our human resources.

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Can the roaster do a true max batch capacity roast?

Yes, our roaster can roast a true max batch. However, batch capacity and roast capacity per hour depend on the type and quality of green coffee, the degree of roast, and the moisture content of the beans.

What makes Hartanzah different from other roasters?

Hartanzah roasters are designed and built for roasting specialty coffee. Its design is based upon a higher ratio of conductive over convective energy supply to the beans when compared to other conventional roasters on the market. 

This allows you to roast each variety and origin to its optimum quality and flavor profile.

What is the roaster warranty?

One-year warranty on the craftsmanship of the roaster.

Delivery time?

Delivery time is based on production's current schedules and can range for shop roasters from 8-12 weeks, and for industrial roasters, 4-6 months.

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