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1 kg cocoa roaster
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Hartanzah 1 Kg Gas Automatic Cocoa Roasters


Our Orion 01 cocoa roaster is state-of-the-art, with a 1kg capacity. It is constructed using the highest quality stainless steel and other materials, resulting in a heavy-duty build that is ideal for commercial use.

The thermal and mechanical stability of the Orion 01 cocoa roaster makes the continuous roasting process easier while delivering consistent results. It is the perfect choice for roasting high-quality cocoa, giving you total control over the taste and allowing you to consistently create your unique product.

1 kg cocoa roasters

Hartanzah Orion 01

1 kg automatic gas cocoa roasters


The Orion 01 is a heavy-duty cocoa roaster built with industrial-quality, solid stainless steel plates that ensure durability. Our machines are also exceptionally quiet, thanks to the inbuilt variable speed motor that allows for a whisper-quiet roasting experience.

The thermal and mechanical stabilizer in each roaster also facilitates continuous production roasting with ease and consistency.

cocoa roaster engineer


Each of our roasters starts with a detailed and thorough design process, Hartanzah's engineer design every roasters for maximal durability with low maintenance required, so that they will shine in your roastery and café.

Great effort is given in the designing stage, and we want to invite you into that process. If you have ideas or concepts you wish to try for your own roaster, we will help you to create the custom roaster you desire for your café and roastery.

1 kg cocoa roaster panel


With HARTANZAH logic control panel makes the Orion 01 cocoa roaster series an incredibly accurate automatic cocoa roaster.

Simply select the background roasting profile that you want to duplicate, and Orion 01 will roast your cocoa beans according to the selected profile. You can operate the Orion 01 cocoa roaster in two modes: automatic or manual.

 hartanzah COCOA roasters

ORION 01 Dimension.

The Orion 01 is suitable for roasting cocoa at any commercial scale, with the added benefit of being a small batch roaster. These roasters are also ideal for sample roasting in larger batches or identifying the right roast profile for new cocoa varieties.

The Orion 01 cocoa roaster is the backbone of the owner-operated roasting industry. It offers enough capacity to facilitate growth, with a low enough capital outlay to be accessible to anyone with some savings and a passion for business.

1 kg coffee roaster dimension
Orion 01 Dimension
 hartanzah coffee roaster cyclone



Experience the versatility of roasting like never before with Orion 01's dual roasting modes – Automatic Roasting and Manual Roasting. Seamlessly switch between precision automation and hands-on control to tailor each batch to perfection. Whether you prefer the art of manual crafting or the efficiency of automation, Orion 01 gives you the power to choose. Elevate your roasting game with a machine that adapts to your expertise – Orion 01, where innovation meets your roasting preferences.

Revolutionize your roasting experience with the cocoa roaster equipped with an Automatic Cyclone – your key to effortless chaff removal. Orion 01 not only ensures unparalleled precision in roasting but also simplifies the cleanup process. Embrace the convenience of husk removal made easy, as Orion 01 paves the way for a seamless and efficient roasting journey. Elevate your craft with innovation and ease – Orion 01, redefining excellence in every roast.

Command your roasting masterpiece with the 7-inch Touch Screen (HMI) Control Panel for coffee roaster. Elevate your control experience as you navigate through precision settings effortlessly. Unleash the power of touch for a seamless journey towards perfection in every roast. The art of roasting is at your fingertips with this intuitive and innovative control panel.

Embark on a roasting revolution with Orion 01 – your gateway to precision and finesse. Crafted for perfection, this exceptional machine boasts a built-in Soft Start and Stop function, ensuring a seamless and gentle roasting process. Experience the art of roasting with a touch of elegance, where every batch is a masterpiece. Orion 01 – where innovation meets a soft touch for unparalleled roasting excellence.

Elevate your roasting standards with Orion 01 – where safety meets innovation. Our exceptional machine is not just about perfect roasts; it's about protection. Featuring a built-in safe unit shutdown, Orion 01 safeguards your roasting process by protecting the drum shaft. Roast confidently, knowing that your craft is in the hands of a roaster designed for both excellence and security. Orion 01 – redefining the art of safe and flawless roasting.

Experience unmatched safety and precision with Orion 01 – your trusty roasting companion. Equipped with a built-in flame failure alarm, this exceptional machine prioritizes your peace of mind. Roast with confidence, knowing that Orion 01 is not just a roaster; it's a guardian of perfection.

Empower your roasting experience with Orion 01, a masterclass in innovation. Revel in confidence as our machine comes armed with a built-in Gas Low Pressure Indicator, ensuring seamless performance and giving you the peace of mind to create exceptional roasts every time.

Unlock precision in your roasting process with Orion 01, featuring a cutting-edge advantage – a built-in adjustable electronic drum speeds controller. Take command of your roast and achieve perfection with every batch. Elevate your coffee roasting experience to new heights!.

Experience the unparalleled durability and exceptional quality of Orion 01, crafted with precision using premium cast iron. Elevate your roasting journey with a machine that embodies excellence in every detail.

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