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coffee roaster

Indonesian Craftsmanship

Each machine is handbuilt by skilled craftsman and individually tested. A high process reliability is ensured.

mesin coffee roaster 1 kg

Beautiful appearance

We offer you a lot of color options that will meet with your cafe or brand color.

1 kg electric coffee roaster

Personal attention

By buying a Hartanzah roaster, you are assured of the best support and service from the beginning to the end.

1 kg electric coffee roaster
1 kg electric coffee roaster

The highest quality materials

By using the highest quality steel, cast iron and materials, we build reliable electric coffee roasters with a long operating life.

1 kg electric coffee roaster

Carefree roasting

Artisan hand built coffee roasters that are easy to use, reliable and offer you the technology to roast beans with more control than any other roaster in the market.

1 kg electric coffee roaster

Roast sustainable

Start roasting sustainable now! Reduce emission by using our electric roasters or eco-friendly solutions. Call us now to get more information about NINO!.


Combining The Best
Science and Arts

Hartanzah Nino

1 Kg Automatic Electric Coffee Roaster

The NINO is ideal for home roasters looking for a roaster with more capacity and control. It can also be used by professionals as a sample roaster, or to supplement the coffee supply in a small cafe. The NINO is a 1kg induction-heated true drum roaster designed that is available in both 110-127V and 200-250V models. Users are able to set temperatures and control power , fan speed and drum speed during the roast.

Heavy Duty Roaster


Electromagnetic induction heating

Automatic & Manual operation

Best Quality Roaster

1 kg automatic electric shop coffee roaster, built using the highest quality steel, cast iron combined with stainless steel material make NINO become heavy-duty build coffee roaster.
Thermal and mechanism stability makes the continuous roasting process much easier with consistent results. NINO is a perfect choice for roasting of high-quality specialty coffee.

Easy to operate through 3,2 inch HMI touch screen monitor.

Control roasting process through Hartanzah Android app.

Record, analyze, and control roast profiles using Artisan Scope

Combining The Best
Science and Arts


NINO Technical Spesifications

Min batch = 0,5 Kg

Max batch = 1 Kg

Automatic, manual, Hartanzah Android App

Artisan Scope

USB port (TC4 shield)

Hartanzah NINO Android App (Click to download)

Approx 8-12 minutes (Depend on roasting level)

30cm x 52cm x 61cm

26cm x 18cm x 22cm

approx 24 kg

approx 28 kg

Induction heating

1800 Watt

220V-240V & 100V-127V – 50Hz-60Hz

2 inch

2 unit

1 (Drum)

1 (Internal cyclone)

Solid carbon steel material.

frequently asked questions

Delivery time is based on production's current schedules and can range for NINO roaster from 3 into 4 weeks from order received.

Yes. All NINO roaster come standard with Data Logging compatible with Artisan Scope.

One-year warranty on the craftsmanship of the roaster.

Yes. Professional coffee roasting machines do require routine maintenance. In the case of the NINO, how much time is needed to keep the NINO clean and operating normally will be a function of how much you roast, how often you roast, and how dark you roast.
Detailed maintenance recommendations are provided in the manual.

Yes. How much smoke will depend on how much coffee you are roasting, and how dark you are roasting it. For instance a 500g batch of coffee lightly roasted is going to produce far less smoke than a 1kg roast that runs past second crack. In the latter example, you’re going to need to make sure to vent the smoke outdoors, or use an air cleaner.

If you purchased your Hartanzah NINO through a distributor, you will need to turn to them for troubleshooting, spare parts, and repairs.
If you purchased from us, you will need to contact us through hallo@hartanzah.com for troubleshooting, spare parts, and repairs.
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1 kg electric coffee roaster