5 kg cocoa roaster
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1 Kg Cocoa Roaster

Orion 01

This cutting-edge commercial 1kg cocoa roaster and is constructed using top-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability. The combination of premium materials in the Orion 01 makes it a robust and heavy-duty cocoa roaster.

3Kg Cocoa Roaster

Orion 03

Built with the utmost attention to detail, the Orion 03 is cocoa roaster designed specifically for 3kg batches. It incorporates the finest materials available, resulting in a robust and sturdy construction that can withstand heavy usage.

5 Kg Cocoa Roaster

Orion 05

The Orion 05 is a high-tech commercial cocoa roaster with a 5 kg capacity, meticulously crafted using the highest quality materials. Its heavy-duty build, achieved through a combination of top-grade components, ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.

10 Kg Cocoa Roaster

Orion 10

Designed for professional cocoa roasting, the Orion 10 stands as a cutting-edge 10 kg commercial roaster. Its construction employs premium materials, including a mix of the finest components, resulting in a sturdy and durable cocoa roaster.

15 Kg Cocoa Roaster

Orion 15

The Orion 15 is an advanced commercial cocoa roaster capable of handling 15 kg batches. It boasts a heavy-duty construction that combines top-quality materials, guaranteeing superior performance, consistency and longevity.

25 Kg Cocoa Roaster

Orion 25

The Orion 25 is a top-of-the-line 25 kg commercial cocoa roaster. It is meticulously built using the highest quality materials, resulting in a heavy-duty design that can withstand the demands of professional cocoa roasting.

We Provide Best Quality Cocoa Roaster.

3kg cocoa roaster
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