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Can the roaster do a true max batch capacity roast?

Yes, Hartanzah roaster can roast a true max batch. However, batch capacity and roast capacity per hour depend on the type and quality of green coffee, the degree of roast, and the moisture content of the beans.

What makes Hartanzah different from other roasters?

Hartanzah roasters are designed and built for roasting specialty coffee. Its design is based upon a higher ratio of conductive over convective energy supply to the beans when compared to other conventional roasters on the market. 

This allows you to roast each variety and origin to its optimum quality and flavor profile.

What is the roaster warranty?

One-year warranty on the craftsmanship of the roaster.

Delivery time?

Delivery time is based on production's current schedules and can range for shop roasters from 8-12 weeks, and 4-6 months for industrial roasters.

Options available, what comes standard?

There are a number of options available for the roasters. Options vary depending on the size and model of roaster. All roasters come standard with Data Logging and Roasting Lamp.

Is training included with the roaster purchase?

Training is not included with the roaster purchase. However, we do offer a online roasting training and also provide detail operation manual book.

What is the difference between data logging and automation?

Our automation features allow you to download roast profiles. The roaster will automatically roast the batch of coffee from charging in the roaster through roasting, cooling, and destoning.

The data logging package provides a USB port at the control panel to connect to your laptop or tablet. Commercially available softwares for roast profiles can be uploaded to track your roast profiles.

What is the drum material?

Our drum material using high quality casted iron.

What’s the best way to determine what size roaster to buy?

Determining the size of roaster is dependent upon the customer's hourly and weekly capacity demand for roasted coffee.

What other equipment beside the roaster may be needed?

Depending on your location, an air control device such as a thermal or catalytic oxidizer and afterburner.

Depending on the roaster size, you also may need a green coffee loading hopper with conveyance system.

If a problem should arise, is Tech Support available?

Yes, tech support is available and can be reached during our business hours.

We are getting an air failure light on the control panel and when we put air through the roaster, we can’t get it to light. Is there a sensor or something we need to check?

If you are seeing an air failure, you’ll want to start by cleaning the roaster and ducting, scrape down to metal and check the vacuum sensor tube, This tube senses air flow through the roaster.

Use a small tool to clean out any debris to clear the tube. DO NOT put a vacuum on it or blow compressed air through it. We will also want to ensure that the blower shroud, internal roaster pipes (back exhaust elbow) are all in place and doors are shut tightly.

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